Cristian McIntosh

Founding Partner

Cristian was former Head of Real Estate Investments at Santander Asset Management Chile, overseeing 8 public funds with Assets Under Management of over US$ 400 million. He led a team that evaluated, invested and controlled those investments through an active participation in the decision making of investees. Cristián has successfully led the liquidation of Funds, SPVs and Projects where those Funds invested.

Prior to Santander Asset Management, Cristián was VP of Structured Finance at Santander GBM. Under his responsibility he managed over US$ 100 million in Assets Under Management in Structured Debt Funds of Santander’s own capital, leading project scouting, passing through the proper approval process, completing the investing, and monitoring investments.

Cristian was Board Member of ACAFI (Chilean Association of Investment Funds) during 2011 and 2016. He holds an Industrial Civil Engineering degree from Universidad Catolica de Chile and an MBA from Vlerick Business School, Belgium.


Jose Luis Rosso

Founding Partner

Jose Luis was former Corporate Finance Director at Arauco, with 8 years of relevant experience in the forestry sector. Under his responsibility was the financing of the company, raising over US$ 3.0 billion for the company through different instruments mainly 144A/RegS bonds, domestic bonds and bank loans. He also managed Arauco’s cash management, investor relations, performance management and project valuation.

Prior to Arauco, Jose Luis was associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, and helped companies in designing their growth strategies, reorganizing management structures to support future growth, cost reduction and benchmarking financial performance, with an international experience in Brazil, Argentina, Canada and Chile. He also was Head of Corporate Finance at Grupo GTD, a Chilean based telecom firm.

Jose Luis holds an Industrial Civil Engineering degree from Universidad Catolica de Chile and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management, USA.